Saturday, September 12, 2009

its been long since i posted, today i m here to share happy things=)
i passes! i got 118=) 2 more marks to merit, but nevermind!

Saturday, September 12, 2009; undramatically.Y

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

i just read a mail and its some sort of test== i do not think that is quite true ah..lols, i will explain later
1. (a number) 7
2. (a number) 11
cuz i thought of 7-eleven lols
3. (opposite gender) jordan
4. (same gender) jeslynn
5. (same gender) jiayi
6. (same gender) jiaxin
hey! all start with J, i dont know why i put jia yi, then jia mah, then of course jiaxin!
7. (opposite gender)Jace
8. (song name) like a dream
9. (song name) its my life
10. (song name) white horse
11. (song name) crazier
white horse is by taylor swift and well, crazier is also by taylor swift
okay! results!
eww! jordan! impossible! hes like a gay friend, except for the fact that he is not gay
THE PERSON YOU LIKE but your relationship CANNOT WORK is in SPACE 7
weird, like and love is 2 different things, if you like someone, you wouldnt want to have a relationship with someone you like rite? if the relationship is friend relationship, well then i think we are pretty good friends. it is hard not to like a person like him(i said like)
YOU CARE MOST about the PERSON you put in SPACE 4
really? i only care for myself leh..haha..jkjk, i dont think i care for anyone most, i care for everyone, and there is no most
okay.. jiayi not really
OH! jiaxin is my lucky star! should spend more time with her then
like a dream! yes! its like a dream, dreams are impossible, the opposite of reality!
wth?! sorry jace, no offence meant, but my life is me! jk.
white horse? i dont even know what it means
crazier? yes it cant just get crazier
lucky seven!

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Friday, June 19, 2009

today was happy but sad and quite hectic, everyone almost skipped lunched and choinged finish the project and get ready for presentation. many many thanks to sonia and wuying who helped us buy our lunch! thank you so much!
then we dined outside the computer lab because inside cannot eat and saw LV, we kinda reacted to strongly right back there.lols. then we faster went in and choinged finish the whole project!! we let wuying go draw lots for our group and we were the first to present yay! there was a new word today ASSUME i once heard before, to assume is to make an ass out of you and me, okay, whatever! then some weird weird person smsed sonia:
i hope you have fun laughing at me:p
oh my god! then we assumed that it was the LV guy cuz we were only laughing at him the whole week. then the guy said that his name was ANZELL== weird name huh..then sonia called backed and ben chia helped her answer the phone. then ben chia was like: who are you? into the phone, lols, i did not feel the impulse to laugh until i saw johnathan and he laughed out loud then i suddenly feel that it is very funny and i laughed too(a silent one though), then jeslynn and the other's joined in. and we fought hard to kept silent when laughing. haix, i think sonia is pretty safe le, but i dont think is the LV guy. the LV guy is far too cool to sms with :p. so we assumed that the guy wore fake LV and he thought that we were laughing about his fake LV.lols, funny sia. haix today is the last day le! i will miss ned!
nice song=) its not really a song

Friday, June 19, 2009; undramatically.Y

Thursday, June 18, 2009

oh my god! actually i was thinking today nothing to post liao, cuz the day was qutie boring, then during lunch, we ate at the makan place, then ben chia was performing his cigeratte magic trick, then a auntie came and asked ben chia to perform the trick, then ben chia jiu shun bian perform for her to see! wrong move! the auntie then told ben chia to teach her, and he teach us the first part of the trick, with the auntie of course, then the auntie asked: i 2.30 eat lunch, can you wait for me? lols, ben chia sure freak out..lols, then we faster leave and ben chia told the auntie that 2mr was his last day, lols.. the auntie's a stalker! then we went to the esplanade, and went to complete some stupid worksheet, and then we took MRT home, well, i took MRT to lakeside and my father fetched from there.=)

Thursday, June 18, 2009; undramatically.Y

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

found some pretty interesting things
zxcvbnm i m a one year old typing something interesting

Wednesday, June 17, 2009; undramatically.Y

joran searched my name on facebook and gave me a stupid link, well, so i found his
he says that person is ulgy and i asked him what is he, then he said he was better==

Wednesday, June 17, 2009; undramatically.Y

there is a million pictures today!
today we met 15 mins earlier at jp and of course, arrived earlier=) well, the lecture was quite interesting cuz it was about different types of hotels and the F&B=), and thus, time passed pretty fast. then we went to eat lunch! haha, i ate vegetarian food cause i lazy queue the other stores, then i had some jelly with longan thing which only costs 90 cents.

tada, this was what it looks like when i scrambled it up!
there was no magic tricks today because ben chia did not bring his deck. but lunch passed quite fast cause we were listening to fuhua's band de song, quite nice eh, i prefer the choice piece=) then we went on our bus and proceeded to clark quay for the boat ride!

the 'roof'' of clark quay
then i confirmed that the singapore river is really very dirty! lols, murky green! eww!! i caught some nice pictures during the boat ride!

here is jeslynn and she once AGAIN claimed that she is cute== okay whatever, last time when jordan saw my blog, on msn he told me: jeslynn say she is cute? lols

well, i dont know whats that, but the architecture is quite nice.

looks like some fake picture with fake background! but mind you! its real!

liu lian, durian!

some bridge and a small merlion at the corner!

another liu lian!

cool hor, the IR lols

i dont know whats that
lols, on the boat, i heard some of the st andrew's boys say, what if the person who stepped onto singapore saw a chicken and not a lion== then another guy say then singapore would be called ayampura==lame lor
then we went to eat ice cream at central, well, on the way there, sonia was oogling(i think not like that spell) at ang mohs, and she say that she want to take picture with them== lols, then one angmoh walked past and ben chia went up and said: "hi, sir. we need a favour, we are having an amazing race and we are supposed to take pictures with foreigners, can u help us?" or something like that, then there goes our 1st victim, well no harm was intended
lols camera shy, on the left is ned(our ngee an helper) then sonia and the ang moh
then we went to buy ice cream!
left 1 is mine! mint! and right 1 is jeslynn's 1 cookies and cream!
this is our second red shirt victim, ned went to ask the red shirt guy: " we are having an amazing race and we are supposed to take pictures with foreigners wearing red colour shirts, mind helping us" or sth like that. then we invited the one next to him to take also. there were 3 camera and only ben chia jiayi, jeslynn, and whoever is behind jiayi is looking at my camera=)
no red shirt this time, just a coincidence, thumbsup for singapore!
then we went home, at least me, ben chia, jeslynn, aishah and 2 ppl went home, others continued the amazing race==..tired but fun day=)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009; undramatically.Y

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

sorry everyone, no a million pictures today..umm, it was quite an exageration
in the morning was super tired and me aishah and jeslynn met at jp interchange to take bus tgt, we ended up a bit late because we went into cheers, but we were not the latest. damn mother! okay nvm lets go back to the topic i was on. the morning lecture was very boring lor! almost fell asleep. best time was lunch time, after lunch, we went to play daidee!
then we went to ngee an's library! omg! its so cool inside luh, still got some board games corner de, then inside can play! free summore. ben chia said he wanted to show his magic skills to some of the poly students inside, well me and jeslynn approve, but when ben chia told fiona, she said wuliao, so in the end never show, so we continued to play daidee lor, then the person in charge of there came and told us that inside cannot play poker=( well, but he happened to ask ben chia is he does magic. lols, then the person showed us one of his tricks, which left ben chia stunned, well, no stunned lah, but he just umm.. yah..i dont know how to say lah, then on the way to the free bus, he was thinking, thinking, thinking. then me and jeslynn predicted that ben chia would not sing on the bus again, but, we turned out to be wrong. on the bus he played some abnormal songs and sang along, luckily he slept in the end. during the ride, we saw something funny from the st andrews people, one of them, chewed a pearl from the bubble tea drink and put the pearl on the shoulder of the person in front of him. well, that person did not realise until quite late.
then we finally reached the peranakan museum

peranakan meuseum!
surprisingly, i learnt some things. well, most important i learnt that robbing a museum really brings a lot of money, lols, like no link huh. woah the baba bling inside really ling wo da kai yan jie, too bad cannot take pictures or there will be a million of them! then there was the yellow colour phone that we are supposed to pick up and listen and hear something, but ben chia didnt catch it. then there was the coffin ritual. funny lor, jeslynn was there b4 and she said she was freaked out by the coffin there. then when we went in, there were only three of us inside. then ben chia's phone suddenly ring and jeslynn was shocked by the sudden ringing, lols. later we heard from ben chia that when he was talking on the phone, we walked to a place beside a concealed speaker and heard some crying. lols, but there was something weird bout there, there was the mirror beside the coffin, well, not exactly beside, but the mirror was taped which what seemed to be masking tape with a cross. bi xie de mah? lols.. mabye there will be a million pictures 2mr because 2mr we are going to singapore river, i dont know, but singapore river seems quite dirty to me leh..lols

Tuesday, June 16, 2009; undramatically.Y

Monday, June 15, 2009

today was quite a fun day, early in the morning i went to 7-11 and bout a bottle of coffee before going to school and joined jiaxin they all, then i feel outcasted, then jordan smsed=)
then i knew that i was not the only outcasted 1, wanted to come into tourism but couldnt get a space huh jordan? and he said that learning from nicole and joining something you dont like is not worth it(not talking bout me obviously), well cuz i wouldnt do that kind of thing..haha
our bus was the last to arrive and obviously last to leave, due to some inconsiderate people who was late, should not even wait for them lor, then when we finally went on to the bus, i decided to sit alone, and changed my mind when i found out that i was actually being quite inconsiderate, as there may be 2 people who might want to sit with each other, so i went to sit with ben chia. he said that he was gona sleep, but in the end he did not sleep, cuz he drank my coffee? the coffee got so strong meh? i dont know
then we went to ngee ann and attended a lecture on tourism impacts, sectors and modes of transport, i was focusing cuz i didnt want to waste the $55 just like that. however, the two girls beside me keep on talking, and it is impossible for me to not hear what they are talking about. hence i covered 1 and a half of my ear, dont ask me how i did it, cuz i dont know how to explain, but if you are really that interested, you can come and ask me how i do it, i works quite well. my coffee bottle leaked and i told ben chia, and he said that if i give him drink everything, it will stop leaking. HELLO! the coffee is $3.50.
then we were released for 1 and a half hour lunch break, ridiculous rite? omg! the food court is so cool and the things inside is so cheap, we all ate ice kachang for 90 cents nia! most of the time, we were watching ben chia's magic trick. lols, i still remember the eat ice kachang very cold thing, but ben chia, when u whisper, it is supposed to be softer than normal==
then we went to somewhere called to URA, where ben chia said was the Urban Residential Area== oh yah, on the bus, i sat with jeslynn, leaving ben chia alone, so sorry, but i put my bag n water bottle beside u to accompany u mah, well he said he wanted to sleep but ended up singing.
i took some pretty cool pictures

then we went to the singapore flyer

quite nice eh, ben chia found this view

jeslynn says she is cute in this picture, okay whatever
nice stadiem eh, abit too colourful though
nice highway, ben chia said the cars look like toy cars i think i can agree to it
the buildings look nice from this view, of course, a good photographer is needed, kidding
look at the IR construction site! like got pollution lidat!
this was took at low level, i think when we are not even halfway through
i found some interesting facts bout the sg flyer, there are 28 capsules and each can only have 28 pax and the capsule size is 4m by 7m, to find out more, go
thats all, we were then released from there and my parents came to fetch me, end of story =)

Monday, June 15, 2009; undramatically.Y

Friday, December 26, 2008

new stall opened in jurong point and tampines=D
go eat =D
dont suspect what i say..lols
this site proves it all..
but the stall in plaza sing is the best,
if you dont like queing up then go to the other branches(?)
you can simply google: riverside indonesian BBQ
nothing is perfect, but its still good enough for my taste buds

Friday, December 26, 2008; undramatically.Y

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

finally can use laptop for a while le! but now use is for homework purposes, haha.. got science homework ar? i didnt know until yesterday then ian tan tell me..was so tired yesterday, got training, then after training went to jurong spring to play some more..i did part of my maths homework. cuz i haven buy the maths workbook, so later then do lor. i do finish chinese le.. the zhou ji i write crap. i dont want to do history homework and english homework, because i hate reading newspapers. =(

english homework:

history homework i not very sure, i only know that need do 5 articles regarding social studies or financial crisis,but recently there are no articles about the financial crisis.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008; undramatically.Y

Saturday, November 15, 2008

recently very very tired, so never post,psps! so i am here to post today, actually today also quite tired de cuz i not enuf sleep, need wake up at 8, cuz must meet at sch at 9 then i 8 wake up.. then in the end i late! sorry sorry! yesterday i went out with shi ting!! got the southeast asia largest bookfair at suntec, then in the morning i need to go training before going with shi ting, there were no nice books at the bookfest, then we went to look at stationaries, in the end we bought alot of things, we both bought 5 books(i dont know whats the correct term) of foolscap, and 2 rolls of that thing to warp the books, and i bought pens! the pens were about 50 cents cheaper than those which are sold at popular, and i bought a file too! haha.. then we went to plaza sing. cannot contact my father, mabye he is at there? but he not there=( need go home myself with all those heavy things, then shi ting say she want to go to times, then we went to times, then she did not buy anything but i bought a book named: INKHEART cute name=) its about someone who has the ability to make things come true by reading them off from a storybook, ah! so cool! i want the ability! lols, then i the end i took 174e home, lucky i took the one with 'e' or i will have to wait double the time for the bus to arrive at its final destination, which is boon lay interchange. phew, the bus took so long too reach then i was wondering if i took the wrong bus, lols..then today the open house was quite fun! during the first hour we had no customers=(, then after that nicholas can to play our game=).. then after 11 like that, we started to have customers, then the nickson (thats what i heard his name was) spent alot of money on the shooting game and won loads of prizes, at first we had alot of prizes, then like in an hour, only little was left. then i went home and took a bath then i went to piano lesson, was s0o tired=( but fun=)

Saturday, November 15, 2008; undramatically.Y

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

today when i went to training, cherlyn say that i never post.. so i guess that she missed my post and my writing style. so i will post for cherlyn!! let me brief you on the recent happenings. i will talk bout the camp first, omg the camp was a total bore! during the first day of the camp, we went to the duno what stupid festival which was so boring that i felt that i can fall asleep when i was standing. on the for they say that the food sold at the padang were at reasonable prices, omg, i think otherwise. $3.50 chicken rice is quite ex..and that night got the what haunted house thing.. we were supposed to walk out of the ava room to the study area, then need to put on blindfold. at the study area i peeded under the blindfold and saw strings, which i supposed was meant for ppl to trip over, cuz i was the last one of the group, then someone aimed a ball at me and hit my head, stupid! i have never heard of ghosts throwing ball at ppl which such great aiming. then the first station was the girls toilet at the D&T block. they said that there was sth to collect at there, going down the stairs i saw some red red liquid on the floor, and when i was walking down the stairs i let out a scream. eh, i m not so timid okay, i screamed because i almost fell down the stairs when i missed a step. cuz we walking at the spiral stairs mah, then the steps are wider than normal staircase. lucky i didnt fall down, later kena the fake blood. before we went into the toilet, we examined the outer parts, and slowly pushed oped the door. i supposed there was something inside to scare us out of out souls(?)or whatever. but there was nothing scary inside leh. and there was nothing to collect==. when we went out of the block to the canteen, a group of ppl came to tell us that we must wash up and sleep liao. i think it was 2+ and mind you, after midnight, not in the afternoon== well, i did not exactly sleep, i played the big two and indian poker and baccart and blackjack with cherlyn all night(so many 'and's).. the nxt day i was dead beat man, then went to what stupid bowling. haix, keep on going into the gutter, and the instructer was quite gay.=X then we went back to play captain's ball, well, i played the big two before captain's ball. sarah de team trashed two teams and when we went in we at first was losing like nothing, then suddenly, we won. i didnt know what happened.then we went home, well, they went home while i went for my piano lesson. yay! i managed to play the whole song with metronum non stop! but i missed by a count. and i got praised!! yipiee!! and the next thing is the posting results, i woke up that day, without knowing that we will get the results today==. then i saw shi ting's sms which said: you got into triple sci..
omg i cant believe it and i was semi awake and i smsed back: wth..
when i was fully awake i resmsed and said, you sure?
lols.. i find it quite impossible, so i ended up in 3s5, and i no need take history!! yay!! so i m taking triple sci and elective geog! woohoo! ==
hmm.. that was a pretty long post for cherlyn..

Tuesday, November 11, 2008; undramatically.Y

Friday, November 7, 2008

woots, today need to go to school at 1.30pm! got camp! erm, i can say that i quite look forward to it, and i can say that i dun look forward to it. what crap am i talking?lols,today i dreamt that the study area never on air con. what a weird dream, anw r you suo si, ye you suo meng mah, never hear b4? then you chinese is not good enuf, but if u never learn b4, you should see it on tv mah. mei you zhi shi ye ying gai you dian chang shi, mei you chang shi jiu ying gai duo kan dian shi ==..lols..i duno whats the problem with me today..a bit siao siao.. bye!

Friday, November 07, 2008; undramatically.Y

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

today went to watch the 007, and i seriously dunno what the heck the show is talking about. actually i dont want to go watch de lor, but then my parents want me to go, then in the cinema i almost fall asleep. after the show started bout 3 mins like that then i group of ppl come in and sit in front of me, then that stupid person sitting in front of me lean back until my legs have no space to put lor, cuz is shaw cinemas mah, so the chair is very lousy 1, then i moved my leg sideways, lols. then after bout 2 min they come in, the 1 sitting in front of me went out with another friend of his. when they came back, a smoky smell overwhelmed me..kao bah lah, they went smoking in the cinemas, i hate the smell of the smoke lor, so,eee disgusting, i wonder why they like it, the smell only faded bout half an hour later.then duno when they went out again to smoke, this time there were three of them, stupid leh. then the first 1 came back without the others, but i could detect no hint of smoke, then when the others came back, the smell was stronger than ever. finally the show was over then we 'evacuated' the cinema quickly because got 'fire'..

Wednesday, November 05, 2008; undramatically.Y

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

hello!! i am back, today training was quite boring on the average scale, didnt much play doubles with cherlyn, and went to top up ez link card at 7-eleven. actually want to before training go there de.. but they tell me what changing shift thing shit then cannot top up, then i ask if what time can top up then they say 3 oclock, okay lor, then after training then i come and top up, waste my time =(..lols..friday got table tennis and badminton joint camp, yay! girls can sleep in study area, but i wonder if they will on air con or not, or the study area wll very stuffy, then sleep will very not shu fu.really hope that will on air con, but mabye wont, cuz if the teacher on air con for us then the boys will gua gua jiao, then sy this say that, say unfair..lols, but if i m the one sleeping in the hall without air con and the others have i will also bu shuang lah, so cannot blame them, and of course i will understand if the teacher refuse to on the air con for us=)..hmm.. i think thats all=) byebye

Tuesday, November 04, 2008; undramatically.Y

Monday, November 3, 2008

phew! today sleep until damn late..lols, was so tired, then yeaterday, i fell asleep in not even 1 mins when my head touch the pillow(at least thats what i think). today so damn bored, so i decided to post, nothing to do at home, still rain somemore. i hate it when it rains, i dont know why but i just dont like the rain. i feel like i am rotting at home doing nothing leh, haix. tried to ask people if wan go out or not but they all got sth on =(..i feel so lonely.. lols, jkjk. i feel so lazy, i want to do nothing, but when i do nothing i will be bored, whats the problem with me? ahh!! help me!!jiu ming!! gao meng ah!!
(edited an extra part below at night =)
omg.. i ate something bad, mum brought a jelly back for me and i took a bite. i was thinking why sour sout de? then i took another bite to make sure, still sour sour 1 leh..then i smell then i smells all right, i didnt jelly can be spoiled or is it lemon taste, i looked at the colour, no yellow colour leh..hmm..then i took another small small bite, then agrh..i went to tell my mum and asked her smell it, she said it smelled bad. i tried my very best to vomit out everything but to no avail, lols. then i went to brush my teeth and tongue bout 5 mins like tht! so the conclusion is: do not buy jelly from sheng siong. lols.. later kena sued for slander..

Monday, November 03, 2008; undramatically.Y

Sunday, November 2, 2008

yay!! today so high! my father say that i must get the top 11th position in class, or he will confiscate my laptop. then sueh sueh i get 12th, then he say he let me play during the holidays! woots! then after school reopen only can play during saturday or sunday..=)haix.. i hope can get into a good class, and there are certain people that i dont want to be in the same class with..OMG..if in the same class with the 'certain people' sure die de! and there are certain people who i want to be in the same class with, like shi ting and cheena lor. but they are so smart, so it is totally impossible to be in the same class with them..=( and i dont want to take history, i am SO not interested in history okay, and last year i didnt even manage to pass even one of the history tests, okay, at least this year i failed only one test but i really hate history. though the history teacher is good, i hate all humanities holidays so bored at home, last time went looking for job with ziqi and cheowyi, then we 'found' one at bega, then they say that they will inform us of the time, but until now still haven call us. mabye they dont want us then they just tell us like that, haix.. is liddat de lah.. but last time when that person talk to us she sound so confirm that we will get the job..bu yao jin.. i will just continue waiting=)

Sunday, November 02, 2008; undramatically.Y

Saturday, November 1, 2008

the bbq was quite fun actually, thoiugh we did nothing, but all was well. we didnt really played any games cuz none of us really cooperated, but we did our own things and talked among our own, so it was quite cool(?)

most of the time i spent on was talking(that is what i am), then played the big two nice game, lols. i watched cheowyi play hazairi's psp with azhar's memory stick(if i did not remember wrongly). she so funny lor. then i went to play big two with shi ting and other ppl. big two is so funn!!! ahh!!then i watched the others play

it isnt really that squeezy.


time to eat and set up the fire

all boys =) we went slacking
only nadin is looking in the direction of my camera..lols..
i went home bout 9 like that with shi ting, we went to the same bus stop and i waited for my father there while she went to take bus =)
for more information pls call(?)
go to jiayi's blog to see, i think she will post, or sally.. byebye=)

Saturday, November 01, 2008; undramatically.Y

yesterday just came back from malaysia trip by cruise, actually want to go to kuala lumpur, but then need to wake up very early in the morning then we changed our destination to malaka. woots!! very long time never take cruise le!

only managed to take half of the ship lols..

when we were waiting to go down the ship to KL, i took this picture. this place is called the lido. reminds me of the habbo swimming pool.
oh yah, and the lobby is at the 7th floor!! LUCKY SEVEN!

THE LOBBY(not very clear)
then i saw this cute telephone
i want one like this at home!!
then i came back and went to the BBQ..
it will be at the next post..=)

Saturday, November 01, 2008; undramatically.Y


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